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First, I will quote something Marianne Williamson said yesterday. I do not agree with her entire synopsis of 'America, Isil, and the Power of Attonement,' because I don't think I have a personal responsibility to beg anyone for forgiveness, including God, for anything that I did not personally do. But I do agree very much with the following statement:

"As spiritual seekers, our job is not to deny the horror of what happened in Paris this week, except in a positive sense: We are to deny its ultimate power before the love of God. Spiritual seekers should not be infantile, fuzzy-brained, naive observers merely standing on the sidelines with nothing to contribute but loving hashtags while the world community faces an unprecedented crisis. Quite the opposite, we should be major factors in healing the crisis. Understanding the spiritual dimensions of the problem, we can contribute to the spiritual dimensions of its solution."

In an interview over the weekend, Pope Francis stated this:

"There is no justification for such things, neither religious nor human. This is not human. It is difficult to understand such things, done by human beings.
...If we permit ourselves to be frightened, they have already reached their first objective," he said, adding that "we must be prudent and not irresponsible, taking all reasonable precautions."

For me, being spiritual in the midst of chaos means, first and foremost, that I will do what I need to do in my own life... To feel safe... physically, spiritually, emotionally, to seek more peace, to reach out into the universal ether with my heart to seek guidance and to commune with spirit. It means to give however I feel compelled to give, especially in my own family, especially in my own community, especially in my own nation, and spreading outward from there. It means to act from my heart, but to act with non-attachment...

Compassion and empathy are good, but they can also be loaded guns. While we think we are being all 'high and mighty spiritual' when we submerse ourselves in these, we can get so deeply embedded and blinded that our own limited life-energy spills out, hence the term 'bleeding heart.' We can listen, keep an open mind and heart, and be a conduit for pure, universal life-energy... God energy... and from this place we are capable of affecting everything and anything in this universe we choose.

From this place, prayers are not just warm, fuzzy, good thoughts...
They become laser beams of guidance, of well-being, of pure healing light and love.
This is a wonderful place to start...

But there's more... There is always more, but often that next call to action cannot be heard and achieved if we don't foster that first part... Set aside your own blind beliefs, assumptions, expectations, odd-ball thoughts, and political correctness... and be the conduit that reaches out to the greater universe. The next part will be different for each person, it will look different for each person. There are many roles to play here.

I can tell you this... Just because we feel and express anger, grief, and loss over current atrocities, does not make one somehow less-than in a spiritual sense. These feelings are normal, and thank God, actually, that you feel them... This is your humanity speaking. And when you speak and act from your heart, you are not going to be opinionless and amorphic… far from it. Being spiritual in the midst of chaos doesn't necessarily mean you have to shut off the news and go hide and meditate in a cave. It likely doesn't 'look' like what you'd expect, because what you expect is more than likely not the truth. The truth lies within... And when we honestly seek it out and ask for guidance, there will be an outpouring of passion from inside you... Follow that...
Follow that...
Use the gifts that you've been given...
And the best for all involved will begin to manifest.

Where can you begin?

Get into your Song... the joyful feeling of your true essence, as often as you can.
A gift from Ka Ta See, here are the links for The Song and then The Song Ceremony.

In addition to this, remember, don't blindly believe anything...
In the religious world, in the political world, and everything in between, we blindly believe so much dogma. And so much of it is not the truth. I am reminded of something my Ka Ta See mentor discussed... The difference between ‘spirituality’ and ‘spirit ability’:

"Religions teach us their morals and etiquette and call it spiritual, but they never teach how to use your whole self, how to be fully awake. That would not serve those in power. Keeping the people asleep serves them, it keeps them in power. And no one questions.
Children are born awake and whole... They use all of their spirit energies on all levels. This is how one purposefully uses all of one’s spirit abilities. This is living one’s Song. This is the goal of our shamans: a world of awake, free people.”

Get into your Song... find that peace within... begin there...

Love and Song,

<![CDATA[Feeding your Body, Mind, and Spirit]]>Tue, 25 Mar 2014 01:39:16 GMThttp://owlforesthealing.com/1/post/2014/03/feeding-your-body-mind-and-spirit.htmlPicture
New Year’s resolutions come and go. And while the new year may still be fresh, the excitement of those resolutions we set for ourselves can start to fade. If there was one resolution I could wish for you, it would be the gift of always being conscious of what you are feeding yourself. Everything we put into our bodies is medicine, from the food we eat to the thoughts we think… it can help us or hurt us. Choosing your medicine wisely is key to staying healthy and being happy. Here are a few tips to keep on track and help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself:


If you are suffering from ailments, consider diet as a first cause and a first defense. Consider eliminating the most common culprits to illness, such as gluten, dairy, and processed sugars for several weeks. Then watch how you feel once you start slowly re-introducing these items back into your diet. Also, eat as clean as possible by seeking out organic, whole foods. 

We eliminate toxins through four main routes - our skin, our breath, and through our kidneys and digestive tracks. So always breath deep, take a regular sauna or engage in other activities that make you sweat, and drink enough water. Consider adding liquid trace minerals that are rich in magnesium to each glass of water you drink. Most of us are deprived of these minerals and adding them back has multiple benefits including improved muscle function.

Do something physical each day. Take time for a walk, stretch, or a dance around the kitchen.

Treat yourself to a massage, reflexology, or energy healing session from time to time. We all could use a little assistance getting re-balanced; like taking your car in for a tune-up.


Take a negativity fast. Do your best to divorce yourself from negativity for a few days at a time. This may mean avoiding the news, drama on T.V., drama-filled people, drama on your social network, depressing music, and so on… essentially, anything that does not uplift you. Remember, this also means doing your best to shut off the negativity in your head. Whenever you catch yourself thinking something not so nice, take a deep breath and re-focus on something good.


Do something everyday that brings you joy.

As important as it is to enjoy each moment, it is also important to discover what you really want for yourself. Make a list or create a vision board filled with illustrations and words that reflect what you desire for your life. Then give yourself permission to feel AS IF you already have all of this in your life. This is a powerful point... don't skip it. Feel it fully, then sit back, be content in the moment, and watch things start to pop into your reality.

Give yourself quiet time every day. Set aside a small piece of REAL estate in your home, perhaps just enough room for a comfy chair or a pillow on the floor. Spend time in quiet contemplation, or prayer, or in gratitude. Connect with the joy that is ever present in the center of your being and feel it radiating out.

<3 Kate

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The moment someone pushes you, you have a choice. You can push back and risk a never ending battle where no one wins. You can become like the wall that they can swing at and throw themselves into and damage. Or you can provide no resistance and become like the air, free and lighthearted... and watch them shadow box themselves.

Easier said than done? Yes. But it comes with practice. This is turning the other cheek...

It does not mean being a doormat. It does not mean giving up what you feel is right for you or giving up your ground. It simply means taking a step back, taking a deep breath, and seeing what is really there. And HONORING YOURSELF above all else. Wouldn't you rather be happy and follow your joy than be someone else's punching bag? Do what you must do for yourself, but do not become the very thing you disdain by resisting it.

Rise above the restless tide, and it will pass... It always does.

Love, Kate

As don Miguel Ruiz reminds us, "
Whatever people do, feel, think, or say, don't take it personally."